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She brought out the essence of me and worked hard and meticulously leading up to, during and after the photoshoot.

Best photographer I ever worked with, eclipsing even Mick Rock. Whitney has an eye that never fails, but more importantly, she “gets” people and brings complexity from the inside to the surface where it can be seen. Her throwaways are most photographer’s keepers. Can’t recommend her strongly enough…

Chuck Lee Bramlet

I think having to get headshots done is probably my least favorite thing about being an actor. It feels tedious and I’ve never met a photographer that made me feel totally myself while also bringing out that thing that makes me ‘me’ in a picture.

That was all true until I met Whitney.

It felt like a dear friend was taking my picture… a really talented photographer of a friend, to be more specific. She brought out the essence of me and worked hard and meticulously leading up to, during and after the photoshoot…

Ketryn Porter

If you want a 100% satisfying headshot-taking experience seek no more. Whitney Benton Cline is the way to go….

Lily Holleman

Whitney’s eye and attention to detail are impeccable. Her process is collaborative and highly focused on getting you the shots that you and your reps need. She is a talented, seasoned professional, period. Every actor deserves as worthwhile a headshot experience!

Glen Alexander

Whitney is not just a photographer, but a true artist and visionary. She has a gift for portraits and headshots that exude personality. An actor hopes to get that one shot that captures his or her essence and Whitney delivers every time. I love her work and the end result is always pure brilliance!

Marisa Van den Borre

As an Actor, you want someone who understands/anticipates your needs, as well as be on top of their own, behind the camera. This is a tall order, but that is what you get, and more, with Whitney Cline!

From the beginning, she expertly walks you through the process of establishing each of your looks, both wardrobe wise and mentally, so on the day, you have a very clear vision of what types of characters, and/or shows, you are targeting. This is key to getting great head shots as the purpose is not to just take a “pretty picture” but to get photos that paint you in a clear picture for casting directors. She has a very firm grasp of the industry from a performer’s perspective, thus providing that extra special ingredient that other photographers (though, perhaps very talented) can’t quite deliver.

On the day of your shoot, you she puts you at ease by directing you in a very relaxed and supportive environment, taking careful effort to keep your original focus for your shots in mind. She is a true collaborator, showing you your shots/progress as you work so you can see how the two of you are doing in reaching your goals for your images. She is very flexible in trying different environments/backgrounds and working at the pace that you, as her client, needs to be your best…

Carl Zauner



I’m here to assist you in presenting the BEST looking you – the most confident, relaxed, you there is.


Whitney Cline, photographer

Finding the right headshot photographer can be tricky, and getting the desired results is even more of a crap-shoot. I know. I was a working actress for many years, and I had my fair share of high expectations dashed by average-looking headshots. Why was that?

Fast-forward, after I’d decided to leave acting, I found myself working for a personal design specialist. She was an expert in seeing a person’s individualized color palette and innate physical design. I found it fascinating, and as I worked in the back of the room, listening and observing intently, I began to make my own assessments.

It was during this time that I found the answer to why some people get great pictures and others don’t, and it comes down to this: Is your wardrobe highlighting who you are, or is it hiding who you are? Your clothing and accessories should be a seamless extension, accentuating what’s already there.

Now, pair that with your intention for getting head-shots. You want a photo of yourself that serves a purpose. Essentially, whether you’re an actor, a musician, writer, model, or an executive, you need a photo that sells YOU. Your headshot should be the very best version of you; and, it should do what you want it to do, which is open up doors of possibility.

This is where my process as a photographer differs from most. I’m not here to take your photo and take your money. I’m here to assist you in presenting the BEST looking you – the most confident, relaxed, you there is.

Being a good photographer is about seeing – it’s not just about pushing the button and knowing the technical aspects. You’ve really got to see and intuitively feel a person for who they truly are. This is my passion, and I love my process. My intention as a photographer is to give my clients photos that actually work and that fulfill their purpose.


Once we get to the actual shoot, so much thought and precision has gone into the production design that it’s cake!


We meet. We talk. We get to know one another a little, and we discuss your intentions. We talk about your personal color palette and design, and we talk about how we’re going to use that to get you what you want. You then leave with a very specific to-do list in terms of wardrobe. You go off, look in your closet, go shopping, etc.


When you are ready with your selections, we meet again. This is to demo your wardrobe, snap a few test shots, and see what’s working and what’s not. Once we’re in agreement we schedule a shoot date. The hard part is now over.


Once we get to the actual shoot, so much thought and precision has gone into the production design that it’s cake! Every single one of my clients agrees that they’ve never had a better shoot. They feel confident and relaxed, and so do I, because we both know exactly what you want.


The final stage is selecting your shots for retouching. Your shots are uploaded to an online gallery, which you can share with agents, managers, friends, etc… What you get in the end is a CD or DVD, with all of your shots and retouches (or I can dropbox them to you). If needed, I can assist in getting your images in their proper form to a printing house.

Want something unique? Feel free to talk to me about putting together a package just for you.

Basic Photo Session

  • 2 setups
  • 3 – 4 looks
  • 2 retouched images *
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Premium Photo Session

  • 4 setups
  • 7 – 8 looks
  • 4 retouched images *
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* Additional retouching is $40 per image


If for some reason we don’t get the results intended, we’ll reshoot it!